Anchoring a Floating Jetty – Brooke Street Pier

The brief

Plans for the redevelopment of Hobart’s iconic Brooke Street Pier had been seven years in the making, when the decision was finally made to commission the project to support increased tourist activity on the waterfront.

The concept is Tasmania’s first major floating building consisting of a three-story, glass conservatory-style construction, displacing approximately 3,500 tonnes. It incorporates retail space, dining facilities, offices as well as ferry facilities.

Such a complex construction relied on a sophisticated anchoring system and this is where MoorTech were able to contribute.

MoorTech’s application to install the anchoring system was underpinned by the superiority of the N-Viro screw anchors they use, which have increased holding capacity, durability, were cost-effective and importantly environmentally friendly.

The response

When the existing structure was removed in July 2014, the surrounding area was dredged and prepared for the arrival of the new pontoon.

Once this work was completed, MoorTech began installing N-Viro screw anchors at specific design locations in the harbour, with a total of 20 anchors installed. The sophisticated design saw the anchors installed to allow the mooring lines to be criss-crossed beneath the pontoon, providing increased stability.

The anchors were placed in design locations with pinpoint accuracy using the Trimble Pathfinder Pro XRS system. This enabled MoorTech to install the anchors as required as well as accurately recording their locations for future inspections and for the client’s records.

The results

Tasmania’s first floating building, weighing approximately 4000 tonnes, is held in place using the environmentally-friendly N-Viro/MoorTech anchoring system.

The anchors provide in excess of a 50-year design life, and are used in conjunction with Seaflex elastic mooring lines to allow the pontoon to act as a truly floating structure and to enable it to rise and fall with the tide and wave action, while keeping it in a fixed location.

The N-Viro anchors used for the Brooke Street Pier project have been developed to provide a long maintenance-free life, showcasing the product which is gaining popularity within the marine and aquaculture industries in recent years.

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