Replacing Concrete Blocks with Screw Anchors – Van Diemen Aquaculture

VDA Testimonial – March 2015 Van Diemen Aquaculture operates an aquaculture farm at Rowella which is situated on a section of the Tamar river known as Long Reach. The location of the lease, covering approx 10 hectares, is in an area where strong tidal influence makes the mooring of marine infrastructure a challenge, with typical […]

Huon Aquaculture – Tasmania

“As salmon and ocean trout farmers, the security of our stock and the accuracy of anchors for lease compliance is pivotal. We are farming in increasingly exposed areas and are constantly demanding more from our mooring systems. MoorTech have been fantastic to work with. They understand our needs and their innovative screw anchor systems are […]

Solving Salmon Farm Moorings – Huon Aquaculture

Investigation of a new mooring system for an aquaculture lease dealing with a deep trench which ran diagonally across the northern end of the lease, resulting in conventional anchors (concrete blocks and plough-type anchors) dragging into the trench.