Floating Jetty and Pontoon Anchoring Systems

Elastic Mooring Lines

Elastic moorings use elastic rope to hold the anchored object in a tight arc of travel, resulting in the mooring line being suspended clear of the seabed, considerably reducing the risk of environmental damage.

An elastic mooring withstands extreme weather conditions as it has unsurpassed ability to resist wave/tidal motion; they require very low maintenance and the unique construction, which allows it to stretch up to twice it’s own length and return to original length in a smooth, calm movement, combined with post-installation pre-tensioning, provides progressive resistance (and dampening of shock loads) to both horizontal and vertical wave motion.

Elastic mooring systems, are never passive to the sea, but offer firm resistance that substantially reduces and “softens” wave action. In harbours and marinas with heavy traffic, the effect of swells is dampened and risk of damage to vessels and infrastructure moored by the system is greatly reduced.

Elastic mooring lines combined with spiral/screw anchors allow the installation of floating platforms, marinas and jetties in areas where piled systems may not be suitable/feasible – e.g. due to greater water depth or large tidal variation.

Using an Elastic mooring system e.g. Seaflex, a marina or jetty can be kept in a fixed position at all times regardless of tide, wind or wave action, achieved by the system being pre-tensioned after installation.

Jetties, pontoons or marinas retained in this way, are a truly floating structure, and have no negative visual impact.