Mooring and Anchor Systems for Marine and Aquaculture Industries

As part of this offering, MoorTech introduces to Tasmania the N-Viro Mooring & Anchor system, which brings a unique and innovative development to the marine and aquaculture industry. The MoorTech N-Viro system is based on screw piling technology; screw piles were first used around 180 years ago as foundations for a lighthouse off the coast of England. In recent times they have become increasingly popular, and in particular have gained an excellent reputation for withstanding tension (pull-out) loads. A specifically designed hydraulic planetary drive, developed over 30 years by N-Viro Mooring & Anchor, install the anchors in the seabed.

N-Viro Mooring & Anchor Limited is a New Zealand-based company whose directors have been involved in maritime work since 1975;  their broad knowledge (gained from the offshore oil industry) has resulted in New Zealand’s leading underwater anchoring specialists for aquaculture farms, pipelines, floating pontoons and moorings. Since the mid 1980’s, approximately 18,000 anchors have been installed in New Zealand.

Within Tasmania, aquaculture is a growth business, with companies investing large amounts annually into new products and designs.

MoorTech, with N-Viro Mooring & Anchor Limited, offers a proven system capable of streamlining the aquaculture industry, and saving precious time, money and man hours through accuracy and efficiency.

MoorTech, utilising this system, can reposition or extend marine farms quickly and efficiently.

Through the introduction of  N-Viro Mooring & Anchor system to Tasmania, MoorTech seeks to maximize the scope and productivity of the aquaculture industry, and further assist in consolidating Tasmania as a leader in the aquaculture industry.