N-Viro Marine Farm and Aquaculture Anchor Systems

MoorTech is the largest installer of N-Viro Anchor Systems in Tasmania. Using technology developed by New Zealand company N-Viro, MoorTech has assisted both Huon Aquaculture and Van Diemen Aquaculture to expand their operations.

During days with bad weather N-Viro Anchors will not move from their site, they offer an Anchor force which is unsurpassed by other conventional systems especially so on sloping shorelines. Anchor placement is extremely accurate, due to the installation method using our DGPS system. This is assisted by the correct marking out of the farm site by a registered surveyor.

They are environmentally friendly both during and after installation only disturbing one metre of seabed.

MoorTech installs anchors under hydraulic pressure to a predetermined design load depending on the facility to be anchored. Load capacity up to 20 tonnes can be delivered and the system has been load tested to 25 tonnes.

Much deeper water can be accessed by MoorTech with the screw anchor system than is possible using conventional anchoring systems. Installation can be safely and securely delivered in depths up to 60 metres.

Furthermore, by using this system marine farms can expand their operations with ease. Installation and repairs can be carried out remotely from the surface, utilising GPS services, so there is no need for risky repair missions by divers as is needed with conventional systems. There is also a log of information for client records and for future reference.

Accuracy of placement, certification of anchor capacity and other monitoring options available with MoorTech’s anchors means that neither the anchors nor structures held by them will move off the intended location. For all types of aquatic activity, this translates into an increase in safety as well as a significant reduction on ongoing maintenance requirements.