N-Viro Marine Farm and Aquaculture Anchor Systems

Using technology developed and refined over 25 years in New Zealand, MoorTech has assisted local aquaculture companies to ensure the safe retention of valuable installations worth many millions of dollars in exposed marine locations.

During extreme weather events, anchors will not move from their installed location, offering an anchor force which is unsurpassed by other anchors, particularly on sloping or steep-sided seabed conditions.

Reduced scope angle – A further benefit of the superior tension/pull-out capacity of MoorTech/N-Viro anchors for the aquaculture industry is that scope angles can be reduced; a warp ratio of 1.5:1 is commonly used (normally 3:1) allowing more efficient use of space within lease boundaries.

Environmental – screw anchors, also known as environmentally-friendly-moorings (e.f.m’s) leave little impact on the seabed, and leave no “footprint” on the seabed. They are installed below the seabed, not dragged into position, damaging the seabed in the process; in New Zealand and parts of Australia where sea grass and other species of fragile flora occur, screw/spiral anchors are recommended for use by authorities.

When used in conjunction with elastic mooring line for swing moorings, imprint/disturbance caused by chain mooring line can be eliminated.

Anchor loading

MoorTech/N-Viro anchors are installed under hydraulic pressure to a pre-determined design load; capacity of up to 30 tonnes (Utimate) can be achieved.

Accuracy, Safety, Certification

Anchor placement is extremely accurate, installation being guided by a Trimble Yuma global navigation system using real-time monitoring. Once anchor coordinates are loaded into the GNSS, satellite navigation ensures the accuracy of installation, which is carried out remotely from the surface, in depths up to 70 metres to sub-metre accuracy.

All mooring hardware (e.g. ropes/chains) can be installed with the anchor. Divers are not required to assist with the installation process, thus eliminating a potential Risk Factor. Post-installation, all recorded information from the Trimble system is down-loaded for client’s records/future reference.

Cost Savings

Due to their superior holding capacity, anchors will not move or drag from their installed location, saving time, labour and giving peace-of-mind in not having to check after storm/extreme weather events.