Marine Screw Anchoring Systems in Australia

Screw anchoring systems were developed around 150 years ago in circumstances where a marine facility had to be securely and precisely anchored and all other technology had failed. The N-Viro screw anchor system, developed and patented in New Zealand, meets both these requirements of precise positioning and an anchor that will not move from its installed position.

The precise positioning is delivered through the use of GPS technology and computer tracking that ensures the anchor is installed precisely at the required latitude and longitude coordinates specified.

The anchor is then screwed into position below the seabed at the specified coordinates. Because the anchor is installed below the seabed, it will not move from its installed position.

MoorTech installs anchors under hydraulic pressure to a predetermined design load depending on the facility to be anchored. Load capacity up to 20 tonnes can be delivered and the system has been load tested to 25 tonnes.

Much deeper water can be accessed by MoorTech with the screw anchor system than is possible using conventional anchoring systems. Installation can be safely and securely delivered in depths up to 60 metres.

The GPS tracking system not only logs the exact location of all anchors, but provides data on the water depth, the installed depth below seabed and hydraulic pressure required for installation of each anchor.

Soul Commitment – specifications

  • Manufactured by Image Boats, WA, approx 1996
  • Length – 18.4 metres (60 feet) beam – approx 5.5 metres


  • Furuno FCV 1200 L Colour Sounder
  • Furuno GP –  31 GPS – 2 off
  • JRC JMA – 3211 radar
  • MaxC Plotter – computer
  • Furuno GD 188 plotter
  • Trimble Yuma Global Navigation system
  • Optus Satellite phone
  • UHF radio
  • VHF radio
  • 27 mhz radio
  • Stove – gas X 4 burner with oven
  • Tucker Box fridge freezer
  • Microwave
  • Shower & toilet
  • 6 & 4 man Liferafts
  • 4.6 metre Tristar aluminium dinghy + 60 hp Yamaha o/b
  • Onboard accommodation for 6 persons

Deck machinery:

  • Fassi 9.5 tonne per metre deck crane
  • MTM Deck winch – 15 tonne cap.
  • “A” frame – stern-mounted, 45 degrees travel inward/outward with self leveling motion compensators, rated lift cap – 5 tonnes (has been load tested to 10 tonnes for a static lift)
  • Capstans X 4 off, 2 stern, 2 mid-decks – approx 600 kgs linepull ea
  • Dinghy cradles X 4
  • Live tanks X 4
  • Isuzu 55 kva Genset
  • Cat 3412 – 746 KW main engine