Spiral Anchoring Systems

Spiral Anchors offer a permanent mooring system with no moving parts. As they are quite easy to install it makes the cost competitive and once all anchoring system requirements have been outlined, the system can be tailored to suit any situation.

Spiral Anchors are also environmentally friendly, during and after installation, as they only disturb approximately one metre of seabed during installation.

Traditional concrete anchors also lose much of their pulling power once placed underwater due to buoyancy, whereas the screw anchors, weighing approximately 100 kilograms each, are able to withstand tension loads up to several hundred times their own weight. As a comparison, for a concrete block to achieve similar capacity, a 40 tonne block would be required.

Solid shaft anchors – 3m, 4m 6m lengths

Hollow bar anchors – 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, and 18m lengths

Shaftless anchors – OPAS – optional plate anchor system

Holding plate sizes from 150mm to 1500mm diameter

Passive Earth Plate anchors for swing moorings